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by riveryog
11 May 2016, 12:50
Forum: 一元夙愿,花开天涯
Topic: 今夜小雨
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最近在苦闷中有了峰回路转,昨天大阳,今年头一次晒了被子被褥.昨晚阅读较晚,在看了儿子之后. 宿舍的斜对门的大个子gay在深夜在隔壁水房"巧遇"我. 感叹宿舍安排的用心. 今早睡意浓,2-3个银行催款电话都不能挽留我谧到10点多.午餐时小雨麻花点, 帐目管理应用可能遭PRC surveillance黑客,数次更新中死机. 等恢复正常后,小雨窗外已是一遍大珠落玉盘, 车过哗哗赛龙舟.
神啊, 美好时刻铭记来源. 让沛雨照顾我家田地, 滋润我家资金流动, 洗刷旧账, 迎接新天.
by riveryog
04 May 2016, 13:49
Forum: 武穴之港
Topic: deeply upset by relatives irresponsible
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deeply upset by relatives irresponsible

at first my 2nd elder brother promised offering helping hand. then my eldest brother hesitated upon the helping bundle, complaining his role isn't leading as he should in sibling. then after argued with the 2 brothers, they turned to my kid brother, a limb who likely turned elder brothers' trust und...
by riveryog
30 Apr 2016, 20:53
Forum: zhus.asia我姓朱
Topic: happy reunion among harder economy
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happy reunion among harder economy

my credit card issuer bank warning me of locking down my salary card. I buzzed hometown relatives for help, now problematic negotiation under taken upon possible loan. even so, my happy time after a week hard working restoring likely infected computers used by son, woz, in eve of International Labor...
by riveryog
29 Apr 2016, 10:25
Forum: zho.io往来中文
Topic: trying androidx86 on pc.
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trying androidx86 on pc.

China surveillance's harsh messing up let me seeking freedom and sanity even urgent. so recently tried androidx86 project and found its interesting. hope it can support my workload as planned.
visit it:

have funs, geeks.