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Posted: 10 Jun 2015, 15:54
by zhuson

Re: 朱大九第二个大学生,朱子卓这里谨记

Posted: 12 Jun 2015, 09:45
by woz
:oops: :cry:

my indebted university.

Posted: 22 Nov 2018, 10:33
by riveryog
these days napped a lot after breakfast, seemingly my son's mom remarried herself let me exhaust. dreamed a lot about my privileged higher education, from which I benefited. my hometown brother and sisters appeared in dreams. among few proud items in my half hard life, my education enlists. I several times attempted to farewell to it but unable, for it's just persistent.

dreamt of alumni gathering and travel.

Posted: 18 Dec 2018, 09:13
by riveryog
dreamt my university alumni gathered in tourism. some of them brought kids. I anxious and left of travel next stop. but the organizer reserved remedy and picked me us, even prepared eyes' medical drop for me.