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Posted: 10 Oct 2015, 09:22
by woz

Re: 宿舍里的gay不成又放屎威胁

Posted: 10 Oct 2015, 09:34
by benzrad


Posted: 18 Nov 2016, 07:56
by riveryog
我在看youtube live,当我起身走到门前,听见逃走的急促脚步声和其后的仓皇关门声。我的房间外就是宿舍走廊的摄像头,想共产党中国的绝大多数一样,该起作用时不起作用。该贼可谓有恃无恐,贱劲十足。

dreamt of fighting caterpillar.

Posted: 17 Feb 2017, 07:57
by riveryog
last night again worked lately till mid night. the neighbor gay again frequently made noise in corridor to show his irritated presence and urged me to give up. the beast recently frequently made small poor on corridor the entrance of lavatory aiming let me slipper to fall throughout toilet room. I did risked one or two occasions to slide down but managed to avoid. God, dad, when the gay will disappear from hell and the earth? what's the purpose his presence to me as a constant source of sickened and cheap? God, free me of the ugly dark world of losing and humiliating in which the beast belongs.

last night I tried to fix my google contacts unable to sync. need more research to settle it. God, grant me the solution sooner! in dawn dream lengthily giant caterpillars, its legs' touch so vomitting, its countless worms crawl everywhere. we fought near its lair in graveyard and burned them down during human resource department session when caterpillars messed with enrollment.

a new wave of poisoning and profaning

Posted: 16 May 2017, 22:17
by riveryog
in dinner the canteen offered me a cold dish of rice, which likely flies frequented, and emphasised several times that extra quantity of meals. settled in dorm, a cheap soul chatted on his phone for half hour, just let me listening and under surveillance. when I picked my video, it immediately shut up. when I went to public toilet to fetch warm water for toothbrush, a gay there just waiting me for my response upon electronic heater out of usage the moment. I went to upper floor to pee, just downstairs, a remote slam door reminds me that they have control of corridor webcams, or eavesdrops among other dorms.
sins, sink the sin, God dad.

spitting dog shut up, secret cop at guard.

Posted: 26 Jun 2017, 20:06
by riveryog
shamelessly PRC broke my door, let it loose and unable close tightly, while the insane secret cop from the beginning since his moving in weeks ago put a mob around his doorknob, seemingly informed me all cheap door should loose and extra secure tool needed. my door previously very tight and my son in his monthly visit sometimes can't push it open alone. while laughable the neighbor barking dog, pretending cough all day and spitting everywhere tall guy, now kept his door shut and mouth close. what a wonder cheap souls under state authority! last weeks several night when I went upstairs to toothbrush, I wonder the facing door thief, with state authorized, would broke into my room and hack my backup cellphone inconvenient to bring skin everywhere, now all came true. last weekends the secret cop missing for one or two nights to let open his door shallowly while turned down light indoor, likely left to brag his loots to his supervisor. also, last Saturday afternoon, when my son and I watched "Transformer 5" in cinema, our neighbor 2 seats empty till ten minutes after movie started. the neighbor guy smelly and his female companion in farer seat also hideous. they are likely secret cops again. in mid time, the dirty beast check his cellphone, let me doubting if they hacking my pocket phone closely. my backup cellphone, forever flight mode and disabled bluetooth and wifi, still inescapable from stealth and damage: my password keeper behaves strangely, denies operativeness, and database later unrecognizable, likely handmade intruding malware treated when I absent for toilet, or kind of emergent break away in the tiny dorm room I without any control, including those surveillance webcams literally harnessed by cops and dorm administratives against me.