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byebye my alumni group

Posted: 11 Jun 2021, 07:41
by riveryog
dear God dad, yesterday I was treated again. the warm treat likely let my knees generated lots of gas and my leg stuffed and inflexible. last dusk I asked loan from my university alumnus and got 1000 cny. they then blocked me from the alumnus group. dear God, I will care on my poverty for a long time ahead, but dear God, I fearlessly. let my life easier.

evil alibaba

Posted: 14 Jun 2021, 06:51
by riveryog
dear God dad, last dusk I bucked up, assured Holy didn't punish me, and I wanted to order myself fruits takeout. CCP let the app lagging, then within 2 minutes, the spying alibaba's virtual credit, huabei automatically deducted my balance where my son just transfered. so coming months it possibly cut my salary half way and live me pennilessly. dear God, this morning I felt promising, my pains deceasing. let my life easier.

dined with the hotel crew

Posted: 15 Jun 2021, 05:45
by riveryog
dear God dad, yesterday I again massaged. I had good time. near 5pm, my brother-in-law asked me to dine, it turned out the foot bath departmental dining out and invited me. I sat there ate less but closedly watched my favorite worker girl eating a lot. I enjoyed it. yesterday I also first time let my son ordered fruits takeout for me, he amateurly ordered sliced fruits for me which can't kept in open space a day, so I treated the boy of my nephew. they are all bright, dear Holy, let me this month have some cash, dear God dad, let my life easier.

disliked lesson

Posted: 16 Jun 2021, 07:18
by riveryog
dear God dad, another peaceful morning. last night relentless on bed for stiff knees, now I'm more free now. yesterday I taught my kid brother some lesson on trying new online business, but he disliked and blacklisted me again in his wechat. I guessed he might know in PRC caiptal more valueable than regular business. dear Holy, let my life easier, let me proud of my life.

fruits aid

Posted: 17 Jun 2021, 04:38
by riveryog
dear God dad, in blissful confidence, I contacted again my alumnus and got fruits aid, they r so delicious. no doubt, I again shared with my favorite foot bath worker women. my knee's sore lingering in its last surge, I was so luchy to see the end tunnel light. let my life easier, dear Holy.

happy time

Posted: 20 Jun 2021, 08:40
by riveryog
dear God dad, yesterday I looked into my budget for foot bath girls and decided not to wait for my salary released. so I borrowed from my niece and visited foot bath. we were leaving, still I talktive with the girl. in the night I showered. this morning my knees too stiff to let me sleep. dear Holy let my life easer.

productive tool experience.

Posted: 24 Jun 2021, 06:29
by riveryog
dear God dad, last dusk I helped the hotel receiption desk to build a invoice form but failed, for I hated typing and soon my stupid kid brother who managed the hotel and attentionally kept it from my reach in any way. returned to my room, I worked it out with the aid of a girl receiptionist offered a useless invoice sample. my knees immediately felt better when I completed. this moring it felt even better. i dreamed Chinese version of amazon,, I saw his mediocre like most Chinese enterpreneure. dear Holy, let me productive, let my life easier.

stupid women

Posted: 28 Jun 2021, 07:46
by riveryog
dear God dad, yesterday mostly I persuading my alumnus to grant me 1000 cny for my urged purchase of TV while my union's aid yet come to my bank account. it didn't work out but don't matter much. i also bored to video chatted with my favorite foot bath girl aiming sooner and better knowing each other. in dusk, I told my elder sister that her daughter-in-law refused to fill my bowl for completed self-service, i told her I wouldn't deal with her any more. my sister again cliched and blamed me not try harder to deal with my pains. I praying God for ripping me off the stupid woman and her orthodox, and the risk with the fragile pregnant woman. dear God dad, this morning i got up earlier, let my life easier and meaningful.

relatives' conspiracy to trap me in hospital

Posted: 30 Jun 2021, 08:45
by riveryog
dear God dad, yesteray I cursed my 2nd elder sister: she corporated with my sinful kid brother and persuade to shift me to hospital.I claimed she was insane. my kid brother thirsty for cash and tried all mean to collect it. my junior middle schoolmate visited me for trying fydeOS. he was not so brillant but God dad, I was recovery went smooth every day, I looking forward sooner my fingers pains gone. dear Holy, let my life easier.

prayed & saved

Posted: 01 Jul 2021, 07:27
by riveryog
dear God dad, my kid brother reconciled with me, not visiting hospital, but I had to evade his hotel hall, but haunt or eat in backyard. in joy I talked with my 3 elder sister about it. this morning my knees even stiffer but God dad, I had no anxiousity. let my life easier.