still working in 7 days holiday

zhone, 矢子家庭集。是子不逆,有始无终。何时何处事假。 one China of one Chinese. unite China as well as Chinese all over the world under one China in democracy under God's shine. secure China in Empire and Dynasty, uphold Chinese under God's shine.
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still working in 7 days holiday

帖子 woz » 04 10月 2015, 10:14

devastated PRC national holiday disoriented me as usual, left me a meal a day. but we still found fun in video games. I made proud progress in 3 games previously challenged. woz got his old times candies, "castlestorm" and "teenage mutant" from online purchases. latter is our first order on steam platform and would be a good start.
God, so many surprises upon year end domains' renewal. pl allow me maintain our network in fine mood. thx!

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woz, war of zeu's. Warren Oleave Zhu, 楚甲主. 一堂既出,贺震田家。