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interesting journey familiar with google sheet

Posted: 13 Sep 2017, 15:21
by riveryog
after learned from its official site,, that its mainly a muslim supported family company, I felt need of my data portability. the client and site defied csv export, however, 2 days research online python tool, pyrtm, and a local converter, at ... zip/master, I got my python environment on ubuntu running and finally got txt or csv exported. last day and overnight spent on cleaning data which has date errors. I spent near 10 hours cramming google sheet function/formula, aiming convert format "Week Mon-day" into "yyyy-mm-dd" among which passed years missing. I want to verifying year according the week information, such a common problem but few online community knowledge touched. mounting problems with the converting let me gave up in dawn and search for alternative ways to retrieve my data from the unfriend website. and my search rewards on ubuntu, the todotxt_import tool, a local niche working like a charm. then again there small portion of task to reformat well exported text in google sheet spreads in cells of different columns and rows, all stripes via google sheet functions from sole import of exported. my newly learned skill in last 24 hours helps a lot, and soon I satisfied with final dataset almost intact maintains original source of import, and published at once online onto to zhone web, ie : or
God, dad, isn't it a wonderful journey re-enliven me in escort of powerful google? help me settle my golden memories in the todolist archive, and reinforce my workspace with newly adopted todolist managemental, toodledo at in the new journey with toodledo, my data portable must be more promising!
read it at ... sp=sharing, or get a copy from our site for offline study:

dreamed of my website's promo

Posted: 11 Dec 2020, 08:33
by riveryog
near dawn, lingering in concern about if should I buy some advertisement for my website. first dreamed in a beloved circumstance, say among alumni, I tried to remind them of my website but failed. then detailedly dwelling on advertising some page elements for promotion. i even regret why I didn't try free ad credit google once offered.

dear God, I have to see my websites' growth nature, pl rid me my anxiety. this morning, google free ad offer instantly laid in my mailbox. i tried at once but can't afford first purchase. God, it should be long run, isn't it? my duty & my family mission?

dreamed of army

Posted: 12 Dec 2020, 10:22
by riveryog
dawn dream detailed with my son we visiting mountainous rebelion force or revolution area. a trained captain with his family recepted us. even in restrict career, he treated us kind and wisely. his wife helps. we risked to cross over walls to reach out, among cheap lanes & mop of kids, and left chaos behind. it's sunny morning now, dear God, forgive me lose dream most part.
yesterday QRRS dispatched food coupon. I informed my son's mom to fetch over. she drove here around 6pm. I prepared my son some oranges & chest nuts. God dad, our life is enjoyable!

dreamed of Empire treasures

Posted: 13 Dec 2020, 09:43
by riveryog
in dawn dreams, dwelling among servants and followers of my ancestor's Empire China, like state stamp, crown, etc. some youth stopped by us, dropped us some food, but I know we lived by holy. my son with me, we learning Royal affairs together, and the feeling was strong: we r not depondent up people's kindness, but our innocence & holy grace.

dreamed of PRC history & air travel

Posted: 15 Dec 2020, 10:46
by riveryog
first dreamed of liberated area as CCP called it: militia group controlled an area, but civilian's life, as economic boosts the social life locally. I visited several such places with my son, like tribal great man Zhude who build the PLA. every as flying land, the core issue of the administrative force of the actual charging is let people free to live, boosting civil life which is source of success.
then dreamed we travel. for we hardly afford traveling in current PRC living standard, I in dream burning brains to arrange our tour to save money. then on plane, as people loosely spread out. I anxious about my baggage. then near our hometown, I doubting hotel's boarding and argued with stewardesses like they were my sisters. this morning I loathed to get up, now near 11am, I in a hurry to catch up my routine.

what a sound dream!

Posted: 19 Dec 2020, 09:34
by riveryog
last night dream dwelt about loan restriction: I enjoyed loan, so in dream I attempted to leverage my posses for more loan, or be founded. but no matter how I tried hard I just unable to downpaid more. for it was still dark outside, I backed to bed twice. the quilt is warm and I again in dream trying live well with temporary loan, but Holy message is clear, no debt any more. this dawn I got up with ease, even my fingers still painful. God dad, last night my sister told me my baby brother putting money on your tomb, dear God dad, something had to been done for your glory. I don't know what it is, and where it is,but blood knows.
dear dad God, half morning later, I will launched & baptised. my joy unstoppable. dear Holy, thanks for the rich sense in my life even broken but still glows.

dreamed of whiteboard

Posted: 24 Dec 2020, 06:45
by riveryog
in dawn dream I using e-ink whiteboard, scratching mind maps. I got up a bit earlier today, for I hated recently late sleep. the night before yesterday I watched USA movie 'main street', its topic so attractive for me, money, grace, prosperity. then last night PRC surveillance blocked my watching movie within PRC source. dear God, let dog barks upon wrong trees, let less coincidence.

dreamed of IRC

Posted: 27 Dec 2020, 09:32
by riveryog
in dawn dream lingering about if I should adopt IRC chat now that I was so lonely & barely talkable all day. in dream I saw IRC communities scattered geologically so large, volunteers so popular to make it prosperous. I always regard extreme declaration as freedom of speech, now that Holy & daily fight so close, and poverty drove so hard to let muslim mad. governments just want pacify, not fix the loser tribe & doctrine. after got up, I doubting if I gave it a try, also Irc download so handy.

dreamed of amateur agency

Posted: 20 Jan 2021, 09:16
by riveryog
dreamed a weibo user, his meme is a supermarket real estate of northeastern metropolis, Jilin. for northeastern Chinese more likely higher than usual Chinese, esp girls, so most actors or show stars from northeastern China. the guy selling gossip on the Chinese version of twitter, acting like an agency company but amateur, for CCP restricts news or informative business. in dream, the guy making a live from his craft, including direct award online. that reminds me Renzhenfei's 2nd daughter, her first public show is sitting with feet on crown on floor. she forever cheap. she is the fake hero's second wife's only outcome. she likely cheap. for Ren's first wife likely high rank CCP cadre's family, while he suffered decades of subdue, he freed himself with a lower fortune woman. Dear God, last night i watched a movie in which a detective in business honesty protected his client with his life, beaten his cop pal who lost in disloyalty. Christianity let western people so innocent & elegant while Chinese under CCP so helplessly in words, in service. save China from primitiveness, save us from clumsy of no human self-service.

dreamed to retrieve something.

Posted: 27 Jan 2021, 08:45
by riveryog
in dawn dreamed I tried to fix something by restore it to its previous status then retrieve the lower part content of it, like a jar whose lid is broken. my son with me. near sunlight bright, I didn't hesitate and got up. this peaceful morning, dear God dad, let faith in my heart strong.