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Posted: 21 Oct 2015, 07:39
by gotrus
dreamt living among artists. they teased and inquery me art's essencial and I tried my best to answer what I understood. then watched an artist finding his love and married. they inherit or buy a large house and live in search of meaningful life till one day they didn't paint. I woke up with the clear dream and wonder where is Bianba, my Tibet painter friend.

dreamt of once monitor in senior middle school.

Posted: 20 Feb 2017, 09:03
by riveryog
dreamt of alumnus Zhong Moujun (in Chinese means King seeking). dreamt my Huanggang senior middle school alumnus visits me. he encouraged me to search for his old address from my records. there are many blood seeking insects. we talked about our hometowns which is neighbor. I felt honored by his visit, for he always excel at his study, enrolled by privileged university, Peiking Univ. and as host I also accept applause from my crowd. at the end of dream, we agree that best hope is next residential address. its a sunny morning. last night it snowed mildly.

another overnight workload.

Posted: 21 Feb 2017, 03:38
by riveryog
claim more mailhost from zoho for zhone domains not covered by gsuite. really harvests in packed time. my back hurts now but dawn sunray and breakfast will be more delicious.
neighbor gay with his woman lately made chatters and other sounds, just aiming warn they monitored the schedule, esp nights. what a laughable notion.
hope sooner I can enjoy new mail spaces from zoho mailhost. woolala!

again worked overnight.

Posted: 06 Mar 2017, 15:25
by riveryog
last Saturday I casually searched topic about linux iptables and route control. then I envision cheat PRC most dominant websites discriminate geographic different ips. I want cozily enjoy borderless web indifferent PRC or freedom world, rather than barred by PRC GFW ward of isolation. I also want rid woz's house 2nd router aiming lessen radiation. even quite alien to linux command, googleable world archive of tutorials really helps.
Hope sooner I can rest on my endeavor and walk-through of all kind of human pests rampant in sinking sinful PRC.

again work around the clock all day.

Posted: 31 Mar 2017, 19:28
by riveryog
proudly declare zhone online brand add new member category: domain for joined commander in chief in future, Chinese title星三国合作:中美日琢核心; and for woz's life, educational entertainment in video games, Chinese title 哦游戏:游戏中的楚甲主。 hope he gains earlier the web publish and cyberspace brand management. these 2 days cluelessly immersed in opening space on google sites, zoho sites, facebook, tumblr, blogger, twitter, etc, preparing online lives they carry on.
now best wishes to the new stars emerging on horizon, in voice and ray of zhone's 2 new marvelous portals. God, forgive my greediness on precious domains, I just amazed by their rich meanings and beauties.
visit them on early stage at and .