first scent of snow.

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first scent of snow.

帖子 riveryog » 21 10月 2016, 10:40

this morning the ground saw 2016's first trail of snow: some white shallow cover found among dusts. its unlikely the frozen, but snow. I late slept and missed breakfast. heat indoor allows my enjoying more on bed in dawn and sometimes I early woke up in complacent warmth. coming season will bring more cheers in the milestone of zhone, Royal China. hope 2016 leaves us without smallest regret. 旎宫嘉坊

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Re: first scent of snow.

帖子 benzrad » 02 11月 2016, 07:18

dreamt I had 2 families, later they both in Japan. one girl with our son, another girl had our daughter. I left them both at first, later come back and live with my son and his mom. my daughter's mom taller and re-familied. but we managed harmoniously live around and gathered routinely. we both knew its not easy and cherished happy time.

a lengthy dream in dawn which likely to snow. and it likely will be the first snow in winter 2016 in northeastern China, esp in Qiqihar. I felt so glad and relaxed in dream with my dearest in Japan.
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