happy reunion among harder economy

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happy reunion among harder economy

帖子 riveryog » 30 4月 2016, 20:53

my credit card issuer bank warning me of locking down my salary card. I buzzed hometown relatives for help, now problematic negotiation under taken upon possible loan. even so, my happy time after a week hard working restoring likely infected computers used by son, woz, in eve of International Labor day is joyful. woz asked dining Islamic beef and noodles, rather than cheaper Islamic pies. in the restaurant we frequent, I asked him to borrow his pad game to the shop owner's little sister who is cute and beautiful. I made photos of her.
after dinner we jogged first time in 2016 in dusk sunshine. passing the sports stadium woz tried to step above a sand heap. I shot some photos of him. the day, my son's welcome, is really meaningful for me.
now, settled in dorm, I pray online for overcome of our pinched finance, praying our lifestyle we enjoyed so far sustainable.
woz on top of the world in sunset of last day in April 2016.
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likely relocation ahead

帖子 benzrad » 06 5月 2016, 20:18

credit card issuing bank warned 2nd time freeze of my salary. if so, I will have to fight for bread. tomorrow I will reunite my son in cinema, which will be more peculiar scenario for us from now on. God, bless us joyful memories, and reinforce me with faith in my vocation.
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