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thx God, got a richer lunch in dorm canteen

Posted: 09 Jul 2016, 12:31
by benzrad
I lingered on bed to avoid breakfast loaned by the dorm canteen. they shown my breakfast too deluxious. lunch can't be skip for hunger haunts. so I went there and waited. the canteen operator, or the wife of the family rents it, offered a rich meal including 3 dishes. I don't know why but God, dad, I really have not other option to feed myself in deepened credit crisis in which my salary card freezed by the administration.
my son brought by his mom likely in her school's summer vacation delegation to tour neighbor province, Inner Mongu. I barely have less than 40rmb to spend the weekend. after all, God, I have to stick to my cyberspace startup, which not a win or failure but only mission I was set.
so, blessing me! :mrgreen:

the sinful woman again dragged our son in her perished tour.

Posted: 22 Aug 2016, 08:53
by riveryog
the woman deadly to be a copycat of mine. she likely conspired consuming all our deposit plan for woz's education. who know her evil plan against stable and sustainable progress of son's growth? her reckless just a far echoless laugh upon shadowing woz's bright future.
God, blesses my son happy tour and merry memories in journey.

the cheap woman tentatively shut down my son's mobile in tourism

Posted: 27 Aug 2016, 17:12
by riveryog
this afternoon I tried to reach out my son in his tourism brought by his mom, a revengeful small woman, but found his mobile shut down again. then dialed the woman who turned down my call twice. the bitch must tentatively let down my son's communication in the cause of shabby facility in travel. she also long time conspired to steal my son from my life. God, let the cheap woman's mindful foolish hatred laughable! let her saw her failure in tears and pains! rid my son the dangers sooner!

really chill now.

Posted: 30 Aug 2016, 07:58
by riveryog
yesterday I visited my son sooner returned from his russian far eastern Asia seashore tour brought by his mom. the night before yesterday I dwelt a lot on ending my happy gathering weekly with woz now that so many hostility in his mom's poor capacity. but we had good time in cinema and dining out, likes the brilliant sunshine. God, less us revengeful. put my son on paved way to shiny throng.
here we merry moment. Image

rained since last dusk. bye summer 2016!

Posted: 31 Aug 2016, 17:30
by riveryog
last night I worked lately in coincide with rain rhythm outside window. today embraced my new bluetooth speaker full heart, in music or podcast. it rained after morning drizzle and periodically stopped. this dusk unlikely will be joggers cloud in the square of QRRS.
God, what a bliss today! help my son in right mood!

neighbor gay tentatively tempting dispute in dorm bathroom.

Posted: 10 Sep 2016, 21:13
by riveryog
just after I went to the public bathroom toothbrushing, the beast followed and using huge torrent to flush his dumping can and spilt onto my face. I then noticed the danger from the long time grudged gay in neighbor dorm. I at once calmed to face the deathtrap. God, dad, isn't it the sinking PRC with its hooligan desperate for graveyard?
rid me lice around sooner, dad, for the glory of my land.