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dreamt of hometown mountains.

Posted: 18 Nov 2016, 08:05
by riveryog
dreamt with my cousin who lives in nearby village, on our village mountain. we pick mountain produce, like mushroom, nuts, flowers, etc, with his son. I comment mountain likes a vertical space to increase versatile of species. the mountain just near my passed dad's old house. my dad likely also appeared in dream. I still doubting why the cousin appeared on our mountains.
today I will fetch my son over to linger in my dorm a night. my salary card finally unfreezed. now hoping sooner my USD account within my icbc credit card unlocked. God, grant me freedom to renew my web assets.

dreamt of inspiring villager in Zhudajiu, and their cure.

Posted: 18 Jan 2018, 07:21
by riveryog
dreamt my vacation in my hometown village. I visited a once local element teacher, whose merit inspired me. he alone brings his 2 children. we exchange our foods or meals among which I found its sanity can heal my nephew, ie 2nd son of my 2nd elder brother's skin disease, which I felt sympathy. they nephew soon divorced after marriage and refused women since then, likely will single out in rest of his life, under his mom's unhealthy influence. he is a good boy since my earlier memories, inherits merit of my dad and our old family, as well as other respectable families in the village shares diligence, self-discipline, righteous. reviewing these merits among the offspring of our ancestor in title Zhu, I felt even there are quite some cheap souls in the village where mostly offspring of Zhu's, still there are quite some people & their family whose merits inspire me, and like my family they deserve better life and long life of blessed.

dream of in journey.

Posted: 23 Jan 2018, 07:58
by riveryog
dreamt lingered in a remote local town on way returning to hometown village Zhudajiu. the hotel is dirty, stealthy, so I eager to leave. a villager offspring, Zhucaigui朱才贵, appeared, suggested me buying a car. I did, bought 2 engines. but felt inconvenient to drive or afraid of missing in direction. so Zhucaigui led me to search for Zhuzhongshu朱中树, who operation a snack shop there. I found zhuzhongshu still young while his is a pal of mine, they said his kid brother is much aggressive that's the difference. then they arrange guy to drive my car. then i woke up. After blogged I went to dorm canteen. No one outside in the chill morning, remind me lazy lunar new year and slumpy Chinese. When I entered the canteen, lots of people, esp younger mothers with kids herds there for breakfast. Its so unreal likes a flash event. However my breakfast is satisfying. Other families there all seemingly happy there, just none of my business.

dreamt shifting house.

Posted: 26 Jan 2018, 11:37
by riveryog
dreamt moving to new house from half mountain to plain. when I ate a piece of meat, the house responses. when I ate bottom, house top tumbling; when i ate top, house base shaking. in retrospective view, likes in a womb. the house likely in my hometown. for when I rested, I saw my hometown relatives. my son and his mom appeared in dream, too. then continued in vivid dream in morning nap, but it was too vivid that I lost it unprepared, during my retrieving first piece of dream before blogging, likely with my son in beautiful life in the vision deprives me.
its a brilliant sunny morning. a long week before lunar spring festival holiday, which likes a war intending cost enemies with starving, melting down in boring and pointlessly. PRC surely should ditch the meaningless holiday, embracing celebration of Christmas as largest holiday in a year. in peace rather in mimic war of firecrackers and empty street and wasteland of rubbish.

concerned my own house deeply in dream.

Posted: 29 Jan 2018, 07:16
by benzrad
dreamt urgent to build my own house and its yard, while richer villager in hometown, Zhudajiu, already launched to do it. the communist carder, ZhuMeiwen, rent villagers to build his new house. I cross its work field including lots of logs to my house, and wondering our building plan.