PRC national day dream: fight leopard with son, Zhong in relation 往来中文, bring China abreast 21 Century with world democracy.
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PRC national day dream: fight leopard with son

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last night it drizzled when I took bus returned to dorm and ate late dinner near dorm. my son and myself scorned by the bitch, son's mom, for woz scored poorly in latest exam, and my visits too frequent. in dawn dream we, woz and me, in our villa facing leopards attack. I arranged dispersing of us to alleviate the challenges, but it failed. we both almost hunted by the cats. then dreamt of dorm life, young people without their houses and privates.
God, I more and more need to see my son, woz, hope of China, in his life. pl help us a better way for long and living interactivity for the future grace and glory.

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woz, war of zeu's. Warren Oleave Zhu, 楚甲主. 一堂既出,贺震田家。
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