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equipped with new winter clothes.

Posted: 17 Jan 2021, 09:18
by riveryog
first dreamed I with my colleagues moved to a new workspace, we had a lot of funs. then dreamed I lived on a damn control unit. some young people had fun with it and power all down. but when I need it, power resumed, reliable like my work unit, QRRS, an old style SOE. For I lingered on bed, my vivid dream lost most of its color. this morning I put on 2 new bought vest & pants, even troublesome but rewarding: warmer now. Dear God dad, let my life easier.

painful putting up again let my dream evaporated

Posted: 18 Jan 2021, 08:05
by riveryog
this dawn dream originally cozy, but now I only remember some shattered pieces for painful fingers let my putting up long and boring. I dreamed I tried with my son google's new gaming online service, stadia, for It's broadband demand is strict, so I contacted telcom company. a black young man serving me. It's Monday, dear God dad, I met some early birds, ie. young QRRS staff preparing for office work in toilet. now I almost left to free. Holy spirit, let my business booming, let my life easier.

dreamed fixing Chinese payment

Posted: 23 Jan 2021, 10:06
by riveryog
in dawn dream, my son and I in our mountain cabin, I will see him off to his mom's journey, but I had to order him a takeout online while also in urgence to fix my Chinese payment problem. my chinatel payment app recently frequently has unknown failed payment, likely hacker abusing. then dreamed on ATM, an elder helped to let it show my bank card recent 5 transactions, while I previously found the transaction report disabled. it showed many failed bills and I immediately closed them item by item, to lest lose. dear God, last night I almost bid farewell to my wechat alumni group, for where all my alumni muted to me, while I relentlessly for love. dear God dad, hours later I will again cost half hour to put on, for I due to weekly shower in public spa. let my life easier, Holy, let my fingers less pains in melting winter freeze. thx, dear God dad.

dreamed of my parents' stretage of bred more

Posted: 25 Jan 2021, 08:37
by riveryog
in dawn dream I first dreamed of my only aunt, and her 5 boys in which the last one so close to me. I wonder how she adopted my parents' stretage and join the competition. I must be the key to my parents' stretage, and so many chasers after me but I never moved by them. this morning I hesitated to get up or lingering in warm quilt and that rendered my dream suffering. dear God dad, let my life easier.

got up usually

Posted: 28 Jan 2021, 09:09
by riveryog
in dawn dream, I first experience hostage. I with my son choose to chase after daylight. then I felt better to got up, and dream faded. I even rewarmed awhile in quilt but now I saw most chores proceeded and I intact. in an hour I will refueled with meal, dear God dad, my life during pandemics was half, but still I rejoice in survival.

dreamed of cookie operation

Posted: 31 Jan 2021, 10:25
by riveryog
in dawn dreamed first in my 2nd elder brother's home where there was witchy ceremony for passed relatives. I need to trace which relative or something else working, so I deleted all browser's cookies then individually imported to find the working one then manually edit its cookie to extend its valid date. then dreamed in a dark dorm, where one of my alumnus, Chenxinjin, who once financially aided me, lived on my upper bed. we were departing overnight, i entreated Chen bought some books for me. I again adopted cookie tracing tech to find book I want. It's second day with my getup aid tool, I felt much eased. dear God dad, this morning really anxious free, help me maintain my lovable life and let me go easily as my once fainted in spa.

dreamed of playing Japanese style sleep training game

Posted: 02 Feb 2021, 09:34
by riveryog
in dawn dream, I want my sleep more enjoyable and fruitful, so I trained my sleep with Japanese style training game: many power-ups, many route upon your choice, I yet get all of it, but I chose how & where I want to enhance. my main problem is want to keep warm in morning while my dreams to blog, my body after a night sleep also stiff and i want more joys from sleep. this morning peaceful after all, dear God dad, let my life easier, let my Japanese Queen, Asoh Yukiko live with me.