Page 1 of 1 bad layout within China.网站排版乱了,怎么回事?

Posted: 15 May 2015, 13:21
by benzrad
for this site using ssl ( https ) to access some resource, like js, css,etc, and its ssl gained from google cloud engine which mostly blocked and denied within sinful PRC, so these elements used to format webpage blocked, resulting ill formated website.
the solution is simple: visit https! and add its certificate as trusted when normal browser like firefox, chrome, ie shows wrong certificate. then visiting https! and http both nicely catching eyes.
因为agarten.in一元夙愿,花开天涯网站使用加密 (ssl 或 https://)访问常用的网页布局元素,js,css等,而其密匙是谷歌云平台提供的免费版(知名度高的企业版证书年费很贵),有时,尤其是大陆中国封死谷歌证书,所以这些本站元素被浏览器的安全设置阻挡,无法应用到本地,所以乱版。
解决方法很简单:先访问 https! ,浏览器提示证书问题时点高级,把本站加密证书加入安全白名单,然后 http:// 或 https:// 俱会得到美美的agarten.in页面。