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hardly contacted godaddy support to fix site problem

Posted: 04 Aug 2017, 09:52
by riveryog
last week godaddy emailed me saying this forum infected by malware. I deleted the referred file immediately. Tuesday it buzzed me claiming some files tested positive again. so I called in and discussed illness of my forum site. first time I forgot bring my godaddy account confidential and refused. second time its female team member dealt me. I said I had no way to fix my site problem on my own, and in the service term I trusted godaddy hosting security while I only in charge of posting into site content. the woman didn't rebuff me. for my poor English, she barely complete listening my assert, and today, my forum updated to its newest version which release last month according official blog. I don't know why godaddy hosting delayed so long to update my web app so critically.
now hope my site returns to its battle field as sound as amazon warrior. :oops: