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a regular salary

Posted: 23 Jul 2021, 07:57
by riveryog
dear God, yesterday salary released, even regular size, still I managed to fill all my predefined budgets, like my sister's new TV, thankful gifts to people I concerned, etc. I was left less than 300 to alipay virtual credit. this morning my knees less sensitive, God dad, let my life easier.

free porridge

Posted: 24 Jul 2021, 09:54
by riveryog
dear God dad, last night I watched a movie about quick cash flow attracted quick criminals. then my favorite foot bath girl invited me to eat her porridge, which is delicious even dawn dream I dwelt a lot about my knee. when I tried to crouch my left leg, I alwasy thought a word, solder, now this quiet morning, let my life easier, dear Holy.

now healing hips

Posted: 25 Jul 2021, 07:17
by riveryog
dear God dad, yesterday I first time tried to buy fruit offline, in small grocery shop. it turned out quite rewarding: fruits more fresh, more versatile. in dawn dream I was leaving a seminar, while some of the pals packing, my ticket yet ready and I was buring for it.the New TV for my elder sister arrived, but she busy with celebrating her granddaughter's birth. God, let my life easier. my knees faultlessly recovered, now time to heal my hip, thanks for I more confident upon it.

celebrate birth

Posted: 26 Jul 2021, 08:09
by riveryog
dear God dad, yesterday my 2nd elder family celebrate the grandaughyter's birth at the hotel.I acted elegantly and first left the banquet. before that I had good conversation with my kid brother who sat aside me. I offered tips and helped him daunt barking old dog, my cousion. dear God dad, my knees stiff still in the morning, let my life easier.

web apps

Posted: 13 Aug 2021, 09:48
by riveryog
dear God dad, yesterday I again haunted the fruits booth and enjoyed dawn dream I trying e-commercial web apps but seeing It was hardware demanding and more security hands & scripting in need, so I gave up. I now currently only had cms which is mature and robust. I also want to try photo sharing web app, but google photo so brilliant so I again gave up. dear God dad, let my life easier.