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Posted: 10 Jun 2015, 09:04
by dabber

Re: 夏日正走来,袅袅娉娉

Posted: 10 Jun 2015, 09:10
by dabber

dreamt my 2nd child given birth.

Posted: 24 Feb 2017, 10:45
by riveryog
this morning especially sleepy. so napped after breakfast. dreamt the daughter of cousin, ie. my mom's cousin's husband's daughter, crashed with me. she decided to marry me. I narrowly admitted while my wife on other side, my hometown or elsewhere, from my affirmative decision, giving birth of my 2nd child, likely a son. the second part of dream turns now evaporation so I briefly noted it here.
Dad God, bliss is thick in these days, thx ur mercy over my hard startup and biz.

a day improves.

Posted: 12 Mar 2017, 18:57
by riveryog
this dawn dreamt an old time landlord with 3 wives and a son. he hired a well educated young man as his secretary but he attracted all the 3 wives. the landlord son also inspired by the young man and had affairs with his step mothers. I lost memory upon the ending when I tried to note it on my notebook after got up, but likely the landlord didn't revenge nor wage a war.
today busy with improve performance of dns server on woz's router with skill I newly learned in pass week trying setup selective routing against PRC main portals discriminating foreign ips vpn brings. yesterday I tried and ruined configuration, today I reset and do it again and do right. thx God, I really relaxed.
also, my kid brother's promised aid arrived to dorm canteen operator. last Friday I penniless and had to borrow from the operative woman, who a bit upset and told me my 2 moth bills there unsettled by my brother as usual. sms didn't bring my brother's response. I know he resent me and no way to evade it. the woman disliked my answer, so I promised her will make phone call in the night. I entrusted my elder sister to probe my brother's status, and now its OK even my sister so far didn't call back as promised.
God, dad, thx for the salvage! I really no alternative means to cope with daily costs. thx for the support! last night it shallowly snowed, let road partially wet in morning, so many bliss on my shoulders heavenly. thx again, dad!!