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Posted: 18 Aug 2015, 14:25
by gotrus
woz刚配备了从美国亚马逊海购的asus生产的google nexus 7二代,非常惊艳。也是我们的第一个无线充电的。原生安卓太酷了,功能高过国内小作坊好几楼。
老的asus fonepad因此挪给我用。限于景德镇的封死,我只能做工具和游戏用,但是我幸福着我的第二个便携设备。

first night with my night pee kettle

Posted: 09 Jan 2021, 08:53
by riveryog
last night I first time adopting night pee kettle to less my pains to got up & open jammed door mid night. the experience quite remarkably satisfying: I gained more sleep, less agony. before sleep I prayed God several times not to spill onto bedclothes and I didn't, but 3 times I all sit up. Tonight, I will share my bed with my visiting son, I hope I can pee in leaning position. God Dad, this morning my fingers' pains seemingly thicker, grant me ease of living. Dear God, today my bar Chair will arrive, allowing my sitting without crossing knee, bring me satisfying, dear holy.

dreamed of train travel

Posted: 22 Jan 2021, 09:56
by riveryog
in dawn dream dwelt on tour by train. I likely go to my campus, Tianjin. I took route 1860 and clumsily caught it. in travel most terrifying thing is missed train, so I checked again and again in dream not to miss my train and I didn't. I also checked the train controlling code to ensure all right. then dream or review Jake Ma's story. CCP want to seized his company. he claimed his company belongs to staff, now who will fought for it, we will see. his managers constantly changing, including a female financial officer I tried to find her name, and nick name but failed. this week almost passed now, dear God dad, let my life easier.