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even in shadow cast, won afore

Posted: 06 Oct 2015, 15:08
by woz
credit card crisis narrowly passing by, even burdensome, triumph blows in near end of tunnel. so in the sunny noon, subscribed new coupon for dining out with son, woz, the best beloved.
God, grant me plenty to skim and run deep in life stream so meaningful for me and my Royal China.
I in bliss, already, fear of future? no.

Re: even in shadow cast, won afore

Posted: 10 Oct 2015, 21:05
by zhone
today, Oct 10, likely a sad day. son's mom urged me to fetch all my shoes from her house. my son and myself weighted when we dined out in a Korean cuisine restaurant. I soften my tongue and ask her allow till my situation turns better but she didn't change mind. I watched my son fought in his game, "teenage mutant turtle ninja" near its end, till his mom urged him returning to his homework. I left with 4 pairs of my shoes by bus in drizzle.
God, dad, bless me in surprise ahead, from triumph to trophy.

dreamt flying again with large load after dissolution affirmed.

Posted: 11 Oct 2015, 13:29
by zhone
last night dreamt flying, and teaching flying with many kids, after son's mom affirmed by me farewell of broken marriage. she demanded me fetch all my shoes stored in her house to my own dorm. today she also attempted not to allow my son showering with me, too. she or her mother still paid to wash my clothes weekly. God, I don't want to wash my clothes myself, since bye to my youth. help me sooner find a new family, where I can treat my son and children to come.
its cloudy in the morning. now its almost sunny. thx God, I made progress in my video game this morning with my son's companion. thx for staying struggle for meaningful life.