1st snow in winter 2015

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1st snow in winter 2015

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last dusk in air 1st snow of winter 2015 floats. now its a golden sunny morning. I dreamt in Hometown with nephews. my eldest brother's only son got married, but they hardly support their lives. they shoot wedding albums. I managed to offer them some pocket money. then dreamt on a steep hill, my second elder brother's 2nd son, I cared much, accompanied me to leave the mount. on rocks we jumped to lower part. but he likely risked to hurt his back during ranged leaps.
God, in this sleepy morning, grant me gospels to win over the nice day.
QRRS section street view in 1st snow in winter 2015. the night scene is peaceful.
monthly gathering son, woz, Hope of China, in proudest dad, benzrad's QRRS dorm, where managed to be the base of a new family by the man 47 years old still alone.

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The brightest star over the Oriental horizon already rising. warrenzh, 朱楚甲, hope of China, God of Universe.
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1st snow in winter 2015

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In Louisville last year there was a 75 day period from December to February where there was only 2 inches of snow. All of the snow came in late February and early March and the winter ended up with double the average snow. I am not giving up

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1st snow in winter 2015

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First dusting of snow on the Pennines this morning - Killhope and Cross Fell - patchy and light though
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dreamed of niece's problem

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all the dawn dream dwelting about my niece, a Chinese graduate. her family was poor, and her education is common: a non-brand college. my sister once persuade her marry her nephew who likely a gay, I persuade her to try to live in Wuhan and higher standard. her listened and finally married there, even seemingly not improved much. she never loaned me more than 300 CNY but each time she will mean to me. yesterday I talked to her 3 times then she transferred me 90 cny & said that's all she had. in dream I doubting her job, likely illegal maser and doctor degree market. her company likely a dotcom. even she never touched degree higher than bachelor, but her job now is promote Chinese post graduate market. dear God dad, i saw no grace among cheap root. last night I contact my son twice for aid during my alipay refutes credit, in a sudden I have faith on U and answered: there was a bonus on my salary account and with it most urgent bills wrote off. dear God dad, light as I was now, I close this utterance merrily.
BTW, last night snowed again after uncleared ground, like a continued snow. such a bliss, Holy!
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