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a mid size rain bidding farewell to summer 2016

Posted: 06 Aug 2016, 12:33
by riveryog
the rain started since last dusk, lasted a night and this morning. summer heat retreated heavily, rather cool now. I'm not enough with summer even my finance crisis begging everyday miserable spends faster. this month my frozen salary starts to pay back foreign credit debt now, and likely in more a month my debt to dollar account will cleared. hope then I can use my credit card again.
OMG, it would be a huge relief! :mrgreen:

drizzles before winter.

Posted: 27 Sep 2016, 08:51
by riveryog
last weekend gathering son, woz, with so many joyes. we dined grilled mutton which cost us 136rmb. I had to borrow another 200rmb from canteen operator before proceeding to KFC breakfast next morning. Sunday is a huge sunny day, during rainy season. this Monday dusk it again drizzled. quite some places in Qiqihar underwent tunnel project, likely updating heat system for coming winter. I felt boring this dawn, but breakfast lures me to get up. now drizzling again and I barely find fun online.
God, grant me a rich journey in coming PRC national day holiday.

jog in drizzle.

Posted: 02 Oct 2016, 18:17
by riveryog
woz again brought by his mom in tour. I ate a meal a day in 2 serial days. this afternoon got a sound nap in ambience of audio ebook and warm my body cozily. heading to job routinely but found its drizzling. walked around and got myself a street snack with subscription. the vendor, an honest man, unwelcome my inquire that why his little son smaller than I expected. God, in this moment, I being with Holy bliss.
grant me a normal holiday, grant me affordable in coming cinema and shopping in Walmart after woz returned. sustain me from my hostile brother's grudge and upright! God, dad, enrich my winter 2016!

caught in rain in last day's visit son in PRC national day holiday.

Posted: 07 Oct 2016, 18:25
by riveryog
the small bitch, son's mom, cursed me again for my visit and lingering. however, I did some works for my son, inc updating windows, chrome, and android apps on his smartphone. left phablet uncompleted update due to harsher blocking by GFW and traffic jam late afternoon. its also a wonderful afternoon with new orders to update our warehouse with my son's consent. recent financial difficulty does dauntingly refusive, but I determined to do good shoppings.
the rain just in time to bid farewell to Autumn in Qiqihar, where winter is earlier. hopefully a week later heat system will be running. God, what a complicent day! :mrgreen: