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we didn't miss the lunar mid-Autumn holiday.

Posted: 18 Sep 2016, 07:49
by riveryog
I usually hate Chinese holiday, not only for during those holidays the dorm canteen out of service and I have to find meals at my cost outside of my subscription, also week means exactly Christian and God, no way for Chinese culture, esp PRC's communism with which only holiday's length considered and shift inconsiderable to gather longer vacation with all means and costs. but this Mid-Autumn holiday, I gathered my son all 3 days with full workload: reinstall windows after missing password and locked out, update os and chrome, etc. we also tried a new game after installation finished.
sinking GFW deadly blocking our vpn, made our borderless web access harder and harder. after all, God, we have faith in final solution. grand woz open internet and amazon video. enable his english environment for learning and educational.
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dreamt dwelling with tiger closely.

Posted: 21 Sep 2016, 12:42
by riveryog
in dawn dream I lived with a tiger and short of food. I tried hard to fed the tiger while maintained it tamed. I'm a bit late for breakfast but I still went there to have meal. vpn all morning blocked. I mostly stayed on bed but still felt cold in the morning.
now, much better with my audio ebook.