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dreamt hard time.

Posted: 04 Nov 2016, 08:03
by riveryog
first dreamt after my son, woz, left with his mom likely to have his lesson, I found another kid hide in clothes hanger. later dreamt near dorm in a local supermarket, I tried hard to buy a new pants to replace my worn one but unsuccessfully. I fed up with being poor and disgrace in appearance. then I woke up.

1st snow in Qiqihar 2016.

Posted: 05 Nov 2016, 08:14
by riveryog
last night It started to snow. all night I slept deep. the neighbor gay dog barked all time, trying engaging me into its dispute. God, dad, rid me off the dirty mice.
its Saturday now, I will visit my son next 5 hours. blessing in the snow could heal.

2nd snow in winter 2016.

Posted: 07 Nov 2016, 22:19
by riveryog
this morning saw 2nd snow here in series. I blogged at .breakfast I ate full, while dinner I drank a little wine in canteen. nice!
I also sms dorm director about the leaking problem of the water heater. hopefully next breakfast also satisfying. I should go to bed now but old time songs too dwelling to leave.
thx, OMG.

before salary day & hopeful.

Posted: 20 Nov 2017, 08:05
by riveryog
dreamt brought my son travel Mount Hua, or we lived there around. my son with whom I cared so much, or my nephew ie. son of my kid brother judged by his rudeness, who suffered hanger & ate anything without decency. then we passed a Taoist priest's booth. the kid clinged some dirty food on sale and bit. the vendor, Taoist priest demanded us to buy or curses. in the end we likely found alternative food and the kid pacified. I dislike Taoist priest quite some times. and this dream looming their hostile toward my Royal China.

dreamt hometown alumnus, Chengchao

Posted: 13 Apr 2018, 16:23
by riveryog
dreamt on boat in lake of our county, Wuxue. my family likely owns some business on the water, while Chengchao's family business also includes lake's. the mounts and lake scenes impressive.
程超 is my university alumnus. we came from same hometown while doesn't know each other before campus which thousand miles away from our county, central China. he granted ¥1000 to help me while I borrowed 5000 from him near a decade ago when I initiated to evalue my social resources after so many years fighting poverty, esp after I almsot jobless after dispute with QRRS departmental leader who punished my disobedience soon after I became newly a young father. I refuted his offer blaming too small amount then cut off our online and offline contacting since then. in the campus in a summer vacation, I entreated him visiting my hometown old parents instead of me and he extraordinarily did as I asked and surprised me, when I with girlfriend lingering university and the northern metropolis, Tianjin. he claim my old family near bankrupt or so while I never felt poverty in my parents' all life which nurtures me so much.
It was 3rd drizzling afternoon in the week. God, its so rich the weather. bring us sooner our purchase, a chromebook, out of casts of uncertainty under tyranny PRC censorship.