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mission unchangeable

Posted: 26 May 2021, 08:45
by riveryog
dear God dad, time to farewel for seeking cheap sex. in last month I tried all means to gain sex initiatives from my brother's foot bath workers and now my kindness aroused more defense from those poor female workers: they bargain for more than I would enjoy. dear God dad, I saw more confidence in you to find better girl in Qiqihar, not here. dear God dad, now dust down and how I was fortunate not lost. dear Holy, let my life easier.

sole treatment

Posted: 12 Jun 2021, 07:59
by riveryog
Dear God dad, yesterday I asked my elder sister cancel the herb treatment. now only God and me left, my knees still stuffed but I looking forward a more flexible knee. recently mostly cloudy days, God let my knees less stuffed by warmth. u always treats me, dear Holy, let my life easier.

sinful brother and elder sister

Posted: 02 Jul 2021, 08:40
by riveryog
dear God dad, yesteray a bit cool, I had to put on quilt on sofa. My kid brother tentatively let me starved 2 meals, till late around 8pm let me eat aside his diner celebrating his wife returned from Guangdong. all time I praying my dad saw my situation. to the wife, I told my 2nd elder sister conspiracy with my kid brother to trap me into hospital, and urged her for the sake of once saved her from rootlessly in Qiqihar and forced her hansband fetched her. the dinner left me alone before I done. dear God dad, let my life easier.

dreamed of Royal UK

Posted: 14 Jul 2021, 08:46
by riveryog
dear God dad, last dusk talked with my favorite foot bath woman about my foreigh culture knowledge, esp Korea, Japan. I talked about my master degree class experience where I had Asoh Yukiko and a Korean female student as classmate. in dawn dream, I saw UK Royal. there was something happened, like birth of grandson, etc. I urged boris johnson, the UK primer now, to write to respond common people. then I urged the Queen, the prince, the royal members to write to kind people's query. likely I proud of mine building Chinese Royal portal on my own, not like Donald Trump still sue to fight for his voice on twitter/facebook banning. dear God dad, this morning I got up lately, let my life easier.

ice cream is hot here.

Posted: 16 Jul 2021, 06:16
by riveryog
dear God dad, last night I bucked up and let my eldest brother to loan me to update my fruits storage, also treated people I concerned with elegant food like grapes, ice cream, and my nescape coffee. My kid brother recently treated me well, so we had conversations there while waiting delivery. and God dad, my knees getting stronger, let my life easier.

dreamed of Ming history

Posted: 30 Jul 2021, 08:59
by riveryog
dear God, yesterday I told the receptionist girl who tried to save my online takeout not to hold on my bills, this noon the woman who help fetch my meals and the girl will eat beef takeout, while I promised offer the girl another 50 cny. that's my poor social exchange. in dawn dream dwelt a lot on Ming Dynasty history, in its last phrase why Chinese traditional trained general failed the Emporer and killed for his failure. I think because Chinese culture too less agressive. so in dawn dream, I hold 2 chess peaces, 1 for army salary inside, one for army salary outside, then 1 for the general's teacher's militia, one for the general's militia. I tried to crouch my leg hours. this is a peaceful morning, dad God, let my life easier.

knees foldable

Posted: 31 Jul 2021, 06:54
by riveryog
dear God dad, how I was obliged to you: I first time and cascade my knees and sleep. last night I constantly half foldered my legs and less pains to sleep. this moning I still felt stiff but firmer in my knees. thx God, let my life easier.

active sexual period

Posted: 03 Aug 2021, 07:41
by riveryog
dear God dad, yesterday I bought coffee from nearby grocer shop and this dawn I drank it which so delicious. in dawn dream I saw sexual active period and inactive one interweavened in my life and I will likely embrace new active one in coming years. I dwelt a lot about my leg, which painful when crossing. Dear God, let my life easier.